16 Addictively Fun Camping Games Kids Will Love

DIY cornhole board on the grass with bean bags on it

Camping is one of the best family bonding experiences, but there are definitely times when it can get boring for kids. Pull out some camping games to keep kids engaged and having a blast! Use this list of camping games kids will love for inspiration.

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Taking the kids camping? An outdoor adventure can be a fun way to bond and spend time together as a family! However, but most kids get a little bored if you don’t provide some entertainment for them.

You know what happens with bored kids, right? They start fighting, which means you spend more time refereeing them than enjoying your camping trip.

I am here to tell you that you can enjoy your camping trip! Our goal is to help you keep the kids occupied and having fun with fun camping games so that everyone has a blast while spending time in the great outdoors.

Addictively Fun Camping Games Kids Will Love

We’ve put together this fun list of camping games for kids to keep them busy and happy every day that you’re out enjoying nature.

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DIY Your Own Cornhole Game | Brit & Co

Most cornhole games are too big and heavy to take camping due to the plywood and boards of wood. Make your own (lighter)  DIY version of cornhole! It works great and is much easier to lug around when you need to.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this simple game as a kid! It will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours during your camping trip.

DIY cornhole board on the grass with bean bags

Flashlights Games | Kids Activities

When the sun goes down, the flashlights come out. There is just something about kids and flashlights – a draw that  I can’t quite explain. Flashlight tag is one of the best camping games for kids – play that and other flashlight games from this list to keep your kids busy – and laughing – for hours.

red and yellow flashlight

Camping Bingo | Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

If you’ve ever taken kids camping for several days at a time, you know that after the first day, there’s usually a lull in the afternoon where kids can get bored easily. Tackle that by downloading this fun (and free!) Camping Bingo game.

Simply print it out and pack it with your camping supplies so you’ll always have it on hand anytime you need to bust out some fun for the kids.

printed out camping bingo game cards

Giant Jenga | Lemon Thistle

It may be a little inconvenient to pack up (depending on how much room you have), but kids and adults alike with have a blast playing with this Giant Jenga game.

DIY Jenga Game stacked up

Yard Yahtzee | The Pinning Mama

Use wooden blocks to create giant Yahtzee dice for your campsite games. The dice are quick and easy to make, and they’ll provide hours of fun. Yahtzee makes a perfect camping game kids enjoy and can play without adults HAVING to play too.

DIY yard Yahtzee dice in the grass

Outdoor Twister | A Girl and a Glue Gun

Take a can of spray paint and a circle stencil to paint circles on the grass for Outdoor Twister. This classic game transfers well to the outdoors, making it terrific camping fun!

Bonus: the magnetic spinner board is snazzy!

DIY outdoor twister spinner piece

DIY Ring Toss Game | Mom Endeavors

I love classic games because they always provide a lot of great memories. They are also usually easy to create and make fun camping games, which I REALLY love!

This DIY ring toss game is a perfect example: a wooden round, some dowels, and rope rings wrapped in duct tape make for lots of frugal fun.

DIY ring toss game on the grass

Frisbee Golf | My Computer Is My Canvas

Frisbee Golf is an easy and fun game to set up. The laundry baskets are the holes and you move from one to the next trying to throw the frisbee inside the basket.

Since the baskets stack inside each other and can hold other supplies, you shouldn’t have a problem packing those along with your camping gear.

Water Balloon Toss | Children’s Ministry

If the weather’s warm enough, bring along some water balloons for a water balloon toss. It’s a camping game to cool down on a hot summer day!

two lines of children in the grass playing water balloon toss

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt | Clean & Scentsible

Take the kids on a nature scavenger hunt to let them explore their environment. We love that little bags were provided for collecting the items. That makes it so much easier.

Camping Tic-Tac-Toe | Pinterest Summer 2012

Use sticks, pine cones and rocks to play a game of Camping Tic Tac Toe. So simple, but such a fun camping game that will keep kids occupied.

Large Bowl Bean Bag Toss | One More Moore

Set up big bowls or pails for a bean bag toss. Doesn’t this remind you of the Bozo the Clown show?

Squirt Gun Water Races | Design Dazzle

String up some red Solo cups, and use water guns to “race” the cups across the line. Squirt gun races are a hoot!

Marshmallow Launcher | My Sweet Sanity

Have a marshmallow war! Use plastic cups and balloons to create these fun marshmallow shooters, and divide into teams to blast each other.

a plastic cup, washi tape, a balloon, and mini marshmallows on a table

Glow in the Dark Bowling | Baby Gizmo

Glow in the dark bowling will be a hit for sure. Just add some glow sticks to bottles of water, set them up like bowling pins, and bring along a ball to knock ’em down.

Pantyhose Bowling | The Creative Bite

Pantyhose bowling is another fun version. Put a ball in a pantyhose leg, tie it around your forehead, and try to knock down bottles of water by swinging it back and forth.

Not only is it a fun camping game for the players, but it’s absolutely hilarious for everyone watching!

There you go! If you’re hitting the road for some camping fun, don’t forget to take some of these camping games for kids with you to keep the kiddos occupied and having a blast.

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