15 of the Best ALDI Snack Foods to Buy

hand holding a stack of yellow orange green packaged cookies

ALDI is the BEST when it comes to snacks (and saving on them!).

We love shopping at ALDI for quite a few reasons, and their snack food selection is just one of them. From savory to sweet, save money with the tastiest treats since they all come at a wallet-friendly price! Get your quarters ready and check out this list of Hip2Save snacking favorites.

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Keep in mind that ALDI prices can vary by location. Please see your local store for the exact price details.

1. Clancy’s chips and Casa Mamita salsa

hand holding a jar of salsa next to bags of chips

Name a more iconic duo than chips and salsa. The Casa Mamita and Clancy’s tortilla chips are the perfect snack pair for game days or any other casual gathering.

You can score a large bag of their tortilla chips for just $0.89 and a large jar of salsa for just $1.19! For a total of around $2, that’s a score we can all cheer for – especially when feeding a crowd!

2. Appetitos frozen jalapeño poppers

frozen box of cream cheese jalapeño poppers

These spicy bites are the perfect appetizer to serve up at a dinner party or just pop in the oven for a quick weekend snack. Be sure to check out the cheddar cheese option, too!

While other name brand jalapeño poppers will run you about $5 or more per box (and even pricier if you order them out at a restaurant), you won’t mind serving this appetizer at just $1.79 per box!

“I always pick up a box of these jalapeño poppers any time I’m at ALDI. They’re so easy to toss in the oven for a quick snack! Plus, they taste just like the name-brand ones I’ve tried from other grocery stores, except the price at ALDI is unbeatable!”Emily

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables

fresh cartoons of strawberries on store shelf

Stock up on unbeatable prices for produce at ALDI! We love strawberries for a healthy grab-and-go snack or a fruity dessert. Either way, at just $1.39 per pound for strawberries, you won’t find a better price!

“I shop here for all my fresh produce. You really can’t beat their prices and fruit makes such a great snack!” – Holly

“I love that the produce at ALDI is about half the price of the fruits and veggies at other local stores. The produce prices alone make ALDI worth it.” – Beverly

Hip Tip: Hate wasting strawberries because you can never finish the whole container before they go bad? Here’s how to keep them fresh for longer!

4. Friendly Farms Greek yogurt

greek yogurt in fridge at aldi

A great snack at any time of day, these yogurts are popular among many readers here at Hip2Save and regular ALDI shoppers. Plus, the prices are better than other name brands and readers said they preferred ALDI’s brand of yogurt over Chobani!

“I love the greek yogurt at ALDI, I normally top it with the Live brand gluten-free apple almond honey granola. It’s very low in carbs compared to most others – 18g per 1/4 cup and 120 cals. Paired with some fresh blueberries, raspberries and slivered almonds (fruit & nuts from ALDI, too!) it makes for the perfect snack!” – Dee

5. Millville granola

hand holding a bag of whole grain granola

Granola is such a versatile snack. You can eat it on top of yogurt (which is also very inexpensive at ALDI), add it to a smoothie bowl, eat it like cereal with your favorite milk, or even sprinkle it on a fruit salad. The options are endless!

ALDI’s $1.99 bag of oats, honey, and almond granola is priced at just 14¢ per ounce whereas Target carries other name brand granola, like Quaker, priced at 16¢ per ounce. Even Honey Bunches of Oats will run you about 19¢ per ounce!

6. Canned goods (some available in organic varieties!)

sweet harvest mandarin oranges from aldi

While these aren’t necessarily snack foods, we couldn’t complete this post without mentioning the incredible prices on their canned foods, especially if you like to shop for organic. In fact, you can score many of their organic canned goods for under a buck!

7. Live G Free gluten-free soft-baked cookies

hand holding a box of liveGfree gluten free chocolate cookie mix

Eating gluten-free? The LiveGFree line at ALDI is full of gluten-free treats! You can score a box of these yummy soft-baked cookies in either double chocolate brownie or Snickerdoodle flavor.

“These cookies are so perfect for my daughter’s lunch since she needs to be dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. It’s very difficult to find a product without all of those ingredients that she will actually eat, and she loves these!” Jami 

aisle shelf of gluten free boxes baked goods

Along with these inexpensive gluten-free treats, their wide selection of other competitively priced boxed gluten-free treats includes baking mixes for brownies, cakes, pancakes, and cornbread—yum! There’s something for every person who eats gluten-free!

8. Live G Free gluten-free crisps

bag of gluten free chips and crisps

Looking for more GF snacks? ALDI carries tasty gluten-free rice chips in flavors like sweet chili and black sesame. And they’re only $2.49 for a large bag!

9. Choceur dark chocolate sea salt caramels

hand holding a box of sea salt dark chocolate caramels

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels are a fancy treat to serve up at a party—or hoard them all for yourself! They’re oh so delectable and an absolute must-try when you shop at ALDI. For $2.99 per pack, you get the gourmet chocolate taste without the expensive price tag.

10. Southern Grove dried fruit

dried fruit medley bag from aldi

At ALDI, you can scoop up affordable dried cranberries, blueberries, and mango. I always load up on the dried fruit for snacks when we take a road trip or head to the park.

11. Benton’s Girl Scout knock-off cookies

girl scout knockoff cookies at aldi

Who wouldn’t want to stock up on inexpensive cookies that taste just like a box of Girl Scout cookies?!

While most Girl Scout boxes will run around five dollars a box, you can score ALDI’s cookies for as low as 95¢ for an entire box! 😱 That is a deal worth stocking up on.

yellow and green stacked cardboard boxes on store shelf full of cookies

“I have tried all three varieties of ALDI’s ‘Girl Scout knock-off’ cookies, and every single one is seriously identical to a real Girl Scout cookie! You could put them in a brown paper bag, and I honestly would not be able to tell you the difference! (I even did this to my fiance who’s a total label snob, and even he didn’t know!).

Of course, I still love to support my niece who’s a Girl Scout, but these cookies are an amazing year-round option to have whenever I want.” – Alana

12. Savoritz buttery crackers

savoritz ritz crackers with cheese and salami slices

These crackers pair well with a slice of cheese for the perfect mid-day snack. When hosting, place them on an easy meat and cheese board to serve at your party. Priced at just 10¢ per ounce, you’ll save more than half compared to buying Ritz crackers at 20¢ per ounce!

“My kids LOVE their buttery crackers… they’re sooooo yummy! The box never lasts in our house! – Alyssa

13. Millville chewy granola bars

hand holding two blue boxes of chewy dipped bars

There’s nothing like an easy grab-n-go snack when you’re running out the door. These affordable boxes of Millville chewy dipped granola bars are competitively priced at only 23¢ per bar which is great considering Quaker chewy granola bars at Target are priced at 42¢ per bar! That’s almost twice the cost compared to ALDI! 😱

14. Choceur chocolate-covered pomegranate & blueberry açai bites

two bags of dark chocolate superberry snacks sitting on kitchen counter

If you’re wanting a snack that’s a true indulgence, then these sweets will have your mouth watering in no time. We’re lucky if we can even keep these delicious chocolate bites in stock at our house because they go so fast – plus compared to other store’s brands they’re almost half the cost!

Whether you scoop up the pomegranate or blueberry açai, these chewy treats are packed full of rich, fruity flavors and way too easy to devour all at once.

15. Lantana hummus (or brand name Sabra, when available!)

different flavors of hummus stacked on store refrigerator shelf

You can’t go wrong with any of the many flavors of affordable hummus that ALDI has to offer paired with some fresh veggies or pretzels thins. From traditional flavors like white bean and roasted garlic to exotic flavors like Sriracha Carrot, your taste buds will be dancing next snack time.

Plus, their Lantana brand even comes in singles sizes, perfect for on the go or snacking at work.

On the fence about whether you’ll like these snacks or not?

One thing that we absolutely love when shopping at ALDI is that there’s essentially NO risk when buying groceries since they’re backed with their unbeatable Twice as Nice Guarantee! That’s right! You’ll receive a replacement AND your money back. That means you can score all of their best quality foods with confidence!

*Note that due to COVID ALDI has implemented temporary changes to their return policy. As it directly states on their website:

“For the safety of our customers and employees, we are temporarily amending our return policy and we will no longer accept returns. If any of our fresh produce, meat, seafood, or deli items don’t meet our taste and quality guarantee, we will replace the product or refund your money.”

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